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Rock Werchter Zomerbar
02 Jul 2020 - 25 Jul 2020 - Festivalpark, Werchter

The Rock Werchter for LIVE2020 summer bar concerts are well received. Visitors enjoy great concerts, coronaproof. It is different, it takes getting used to. Four hundred concertgoers per show, in bubbles around tables, keeping a safe distance from others. It doesn't spoil the fun. It is atmospheric. It is nice to stay in the summer bar.

The concert series that closes on July 26 will be expanded with one more show. Arno will add a fourth on Friday July 24 at 3:30 pm! The concerts of Arno on Tuesday July 21 (3.30 pm and 8.30 pm) and Friday July 24 at 8.30 pm were sold out in no time. 

Summer bar concert tickets sell like hot cakes. Some tickets are still available for the afternoon concerts of IBE (15/7), High Hi & Equal Idiots (17/7) and Stan Van Samang (20/7). You can also still join the comedy night tomorrow evening with William Boeva, Amelie Albrecht and MC Jasper Posson. All the other shows are sold out.

The proceeds from the summer bar concerts and various other initiatives will be donated by Rock Werchter to LIVE2020, the solidarity fund of and for the live music sector.

Line up:

Monday 20 July - 15:30 / Stan Van Samang / Sold out (170€/package)
Monday 20 July - 20:30 / Stan Van Samang / Sold out (170€/package)
Tuesday 21 July - 15:30 / Arno / Sold out (180€/package)
Tuesday 21 July - 20:30 / Arno / Sold out (180€/package)
Wednesday 22 July - 20:30 / Jade Mintjens, Xander De Rycke / Sold out (100€/package)
Thursday 23 July - 15:30 / De Mens / Sold out (100€/package)
Thursday 23 July - 20:30 / De Mens / Sold out (100€/package)
Friday 24 July - 15:30 / Arno / Sold out (180€/package)
Friday 24 July - 20:30 / Arno / Sold out (180€/package)
Saturday 25 July- 15:30 / Brihang / Sold out (120€/package)
Saturday 25 July - 20:30 / Het Zesde Metaal / Sold out (130€/package)

Update: 14/07/2020