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Ed Sheeran
01 Jul 2018 - Festivalpark, Werchter

Click here for all practical info.
Click here for info on MOBILITY.

Support act: Anne-Marie

Doors: 15:00
JAMIE LAWSON: 18:45 - 19:15
ANNE-MARIE: 19:45 - 20:30
ED SHEERAN: 21:00 - 22:45

Please note: max 4 tickets per person

Ticket prices
Regular tickets have a price of €75 (service and mobility charges included).
Inner Barrier tickets, which give access to the area front of stage, are available for €100 (service and mobility charges included).

You are required to bring your ticket, booking confirmation and a valid Photo ID of the ticket buyer or you risk not to be granted entry to the show.
Your ticket will immediately become invalid if resold for a price higher than the official ticket price or offered for sale for a price higher than the official ticket price (as per Belgian Law).
More information:

Click here for the FAQ.

Specific tickets for the wheelchair platform:
People with a disability who wish to use the wheelchair platform at the concert of Ed Sheeran need to buy specific tickets. You can order these tickets as from Saturday July 8, at 11am by filling in this form. The tickets for the wheelchair platform cost 75 euros (service and mobility charges included) and only a limited number of tickets is available. You can only make a reservation if you send us a copy of your European blue parking card or of another official document which states that you have a disability.

f you do not wish to use the wheelchair platform, simply buy ordinary tickets. However, if you want to use other facilities (parking, alternative entrance, folding chair...), please make your request as from July 8, 11 AM by filling in this form.
Please make your request for all necessary facilities before June 1, 2018!
If you have any questions regarding the purchase of specific tickets for the wheelchair platform, you can contact Ticketmaster at +32 (0)70 22 31 93.

You can find all necessary information about the accessibility of the concert here.

If you have any further questions regarding the facilities for people with a disability, you can contact